Sep 20, 2014

Black is the new Black

If fashion is your way to express your inner self, if fashion the mirror of your emotions you may understand why I can't always give the same image to the world. Ones personality is complex, a mix of your past, your dreams, your aspirations, etc ...

I tried my best to fit the country of kawaiiness i'm living in now, to be honest it's an easy game for me and my baby face. Don't be jealous, being cute is maybe the easiest state for me but that's not who I am. I don't feel like a cute person at all, neither as a "pretty people". 
Since I'm a European in Japan, I'm fitting the beauty standards ... but that's just not me. 
I want to feel sexy, fierce and strong. Not a weak defenseless dolly. 

Anyway, as I told you I've tried a more colorful/ pretty girl look. I just didn't feel right so I'm back to my good old sens of aesthetic. 

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying I'm a hardcore gothic or a suicide girl wannabe.
My world is just made of this melancholic gloomy atmosphere, and if I love black clothing it's probably only because I love contrast
With black you are focus on the shape, the balance of the coordination and your face is shining. Colors is distracting you from the essential, colors is the best way of hiding your lack of confidence. Black is just easy, honest and pure. 
(lets be honest you also look skinnier and prettier in black) 

Since a few months I'm also totally obsessed with Lana del Rey, I just love her deadly glamourous retro
style. It's sexual, sensual, like a hot summer night. 

I went back to my love for pinup style also, and I discovered new ways of reinventing my style. I'm not a blond baby doll anymore and I want to embrace that "sexy witch" style as my friend Mini says. 

Have you seen the tv series " Witches of East End"?
 that's definitely a huge influence for me. 

Wendy in Witches of East End

Black is the new Black, I'm back bitches! 

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  1. Oh I know what you mean, my friend loves bold colours and she started feeling really out of place in Japan, because everybody (safe for the indie bunch) was wearing muted colours and a doll-like hair and make-up. But from your blog I think you were often wearing quite edgy/witchy outfits and lots of black before too. Anyways, good luck with showing fully who you are and how you feel and I'll be looking forward to seeing more. :)