Oct 2, 2014

Moshi Moshi Nippon


Brownie Love

Last weekend I participated to an an event promoting Japan Pop culture called MoshiMoshi Nippon organized by Asobi System (Harajuku models and talents agency ).

The event was held at Tokyo Gymnasium in Sendagaya, Tokyo and featured idol concerts, fashion shows, dance shows, etc... The concept was to recreate a japanese Matsuri (festival) in an "Harajuku fashion " style, so you had traditional food stands but also shops, booth and games.

I didnt really had the chance to taste the food but the activities seemed fun.

 Saturday : Rehearsal and Dinner with the oversea models and Asobi staff.

French Team

Sunday : the event 

 Pictures with the girls during the long day waiting in the backstage.

Vienna ! AKA Queen of Selfie

Vienna and Delphine
With the stunning Eva !

With Kelly


 With Himezawa

 With Becki cruel

Cosplay team selfie

 Himezawa and Kyary

With Manon

With Inès

cheki cheki

 The show :

The crowd was huge and everybody was waving at me like if was any kind of famous ahah It is always very fun to do fashion show but the pression is huge. In your head it's like "dont fall dont fall please dont forget to smile walk straight dont do weird faces "

At the end of the day I was so exhausted... but I still went to the after party ahah
the day after I had a photo shooting so I took the last train.

Sayonara !!!

The Giant toothbrush