Apr 7, 2013

First days in Tokyo


My first week in Japan is over now. 
I have no idea of what my feelings must be like, but actually I am really happy.
Probably because it's my third time in Tokyo, I have no problem with transports, daily life, foods, etc...  I don't know if I still haven't realize I'll live here for a long time, or I am just used to Tokyo. 

view from the plane

The place where I live has a very convenient geographic situation U__U so I can go to school by walk and there is many restaurants and conbini near my house. The girls next door are French too so I can ask for help or something if I need.
yeah, hum I think everything is going smooth from now. 

I've bought lot of cosmetics already.

First, I bought those cute nail polishes which came by three in a packaging called "juicy cocktail" by the Korean brand Etude House. verrrri cute -French accent-

I also went to Shin- Okubo (tokyo's ktwown) to buy Korean cosmetics
Hair mask, face masks, make up, etc...

let's see what will happen to my hair
A new bracelet! and yesterday's make up

 These are things I needed, which were cheap aaannnd work really well: 
Tadaaa a scale and a flat Iron - better than my babyliss and way cheaper-

Oh and of course I did shopping at Laforet and 109, but I'm going to dedicated a whole article to clothing so just wait for it please.

Frankenweenie at Laforet Harajuku

This article is a mess, sorry
Next time I want to do an OOTD and cosmetics review.

Have a niiiice day!


  1. Rahlala qu'est-ce que j'aimerai être au Japon moi aussi! Un jour viendra où je me payerai le voyage de ma vie!!!^^
    Ton makeup est magnifique et j'aime beaucoup tes photos avec Frankenweenie. Vivement ton prochain post spécial fringues! Bisous miss

    1. Il faut absolument que tu viennes au Japon, c'est inoubliable, c'est impossible de regretter.
      Je vais faire de mon mieux pour le prochain article, parceque là les photos à la cam bof bof
      merci en tout cas! ^3^

  2. Awww, Frakenweenie is adorable! And I really like that new bracelet you got <3