Mar 24, 2013

Happy memories

Heidi Ho!

- Clemence and Irene -

I know my friends want more news about me and I also love blogging so I'm thinking about writing  articles on a regular basis (weekly?) and let you know me a little bit more. 
Since I'm going back to school I'll probably be too busy to spend my afternoons on Skype that's why I thought that blogging more is a good idea to condensate informations. 
I can't wait to share with you my new life. I'm so exited about it ! 

Pic from Dying my roots day 

Last week I went to Bordeaux to spend few days with my dearest friends. I wish I had the time and the money to visit other friends like MiNi, however we promised to see each others in Tokyo very soon. ^_- 
Talking about her, I received the sweetest package this week : she made me a very Sairen-ish bow bracelet with black leather, gold studs and purple roses. How can it be more Sairen-ish? how?!
I love it! I love her! 

My mum made me two tote bags to be fashionable while shopping at the supermarket in Tokyo XDDD 
I wanted to bring something made by my mum to remember home sweet home so I have it now, you might be surprised by the pattern and the colors but I choose the fabrics myself. Even if black is the only "color" I am wearing I like having colorful accessories. 


So, back on the main subject, I was in Bordeaux last weekend and stayed at Clemence's place. She shares a really nice apartment with her brother, I used to live there half of the time when we were in 1st and 2nd year at University. #parasite 
I have wonderful memories of my University years, my friends are awesome and they all accept me as I am. (the tearful moment of the article)
To remember them, my friend Clemence made me this cute album where you can find pictures of all my friends and letters from them.

Last time I travelled in Japan, I were with Clemence so we made even stronger memories together. 
This photo album is now very precious to me so I'll keep it safely ! 

I'm supposed to be the one with long hair

... I don't want to talk about that

Old picture from my first year with Sessen / at the club in Shibuya 

My very dear Simon and Annie / Davann and Laure

At the Pub / wearing wigs for my 21 Birthday with my beauties Annie and Sessen

Typical party

Yvann, Anniiiiiiie

I did some shopping and Clem made me buy loads of make up (again) at Kiko (again) because she wanted to "take a look". =_=
hummm I also bought a tiny cutie top from New Look which seems very Harajuku wannabe to me, I tried it, I looked freakin' sexy with it so the deal was sold.  In the first picture you also can see me with the new earrings. 

I also fucked up my diet XD thank you.

With Sessen at my farewell party

7 days before the big day ah ah 
I am in the middle of the packing and the last minute shopping. 
At the same time I have to prepare a travel, planning the fact that I'm being back to school and living on my own abroad....
I'm not as stressed as I thought I would be, yet I am not quite in a happy mood. 
I have so many stuff to do, I'm worrying all the time about administrative details and shit. 

Anyway, here I am choosing which clothes will stay with me, I want to travelled with the strict minimum. 
Tokyo is a new start!! ( this is my alibi to buy tones of new clothes) 

Simple bag to travel and carry my laptop

my messy suitcase

Ok, I'll stop here for now see you soon 

2011 at Nikko


  1. An awesome girl deserves awesome friends right?XD I'm joking but I'm happy you had a good time in Bordeaux. This memories book is so cuuute and a so precious gift!
    I'm glad you like my present (^-^). If you forget sometimes how much you mean to me, see it as a little reminder ♥ (yes it's a declaration of love, you're allowed to cry)
    I can't realise that the next time we'll see each other will be in Tokyo XD Sounds like a joke. haha.

    1. Don't worry I won't forget, and you can't get rid of me like that.
      Don't you think you are going to received looong email about my drama life XD You are my favorite shoulders to cry on my dear XDD
      Yep see you in Tokyo, there is no other way you have to come to share the dream with us. <3

  2. mais en meme temps t'es un peu mon parasite préféré!! <3
    I'm gonna miss youuuuuuuuuu <3333

    1. Me too bestie ! Viens me parasiter à tokyo dès que tu peux hein.

    2. avec plaisir :D

  3. you're going to study in japan??? so exiting! It's one of my dreams ^^ hope you'll have a nice time & I'll be exited to see you blogging from japan! :)

    1. Yes it's a long time dream for me too, I really wish you can realize that dream too.
      Thank you very much ^3^

  4. Hope you have a lovely time!

  5. I wish we could have seen each other before your departure to Japan! I'm gonna miss you... :(
    I'm glad you'll continue to post some stuff here, I can't wait to have some live news from Japan. Maybe you'll start your own street snap blog? :)
    Anyway, I wish you the best, and I'm sure all your dreams will come true there, Tokyo is your home now ♥

    1. I'm gonna miss you too, please give me some news
      I wish I were good enough at photography to do that but maybe one day . Thank you very much for all your support Lydia <3 I wish the best for you too !!