Nov 11, 2013

Etude House haul


Today it's a Etude House lil' HAUL post

Well, I went a little crazy today. After a very frustrating experience at Softbank, I had to find a way to calm my nerves. Problem is … I have quite an addiction to cosmetics. 
 I don't know why, but clothes shopping always make me feel guilty and kind of depressed, while make-up shopping makes me happy for days even if I spend my rent in mac lipsticks. 

I used to live in Shin-Okubo, the korean town of Tokyo and that's how I made myself addicted to Etude House. Compares to other brands in Japan it's not so expensive and I'm always satisfied by their products. Also, the packaging and the design of the shop is sooooo cuuute, I can't resist to this level of cuteness, it's like entering in a candy shop. 

Nasty me

Now I'm living in Japan and I can't afford to import French cosmetics, most of my beauty products are from Etude House. This brand has such a good quality/price ratio. 

Who doesn't want a Kpop star perfect skin.. who?! 
That's probably why I'm such confident in the quality of the product before buying it, I know Koreans are good at making skin products. 


 So, first I wanted to try their eyes and lips make-up. 


I never buy lip stain at E-H because the fruity smell of them makes me sick. 
But they have a new one (Dear Girls - 1100yens) which seems even better! 

No cherry smell and a combo "lip balm/ lip stain" so your lips aren't dry out by the color stain!
I choose the red one and I'm already in love because it's the perfect product to do color gradation.


I was very tempted to buy a palette but then I finally opted for a cheaper option and choose two eye shadows from the collection "look at my eyes" : a green one and a plum color one. 
400 yens each

I recently bought hazelnuts color lenses, so I'm searching for new make-up match! 


Since I'm in Japan, my skin is even worst. I don't feel really comfortable about this issue, so I am trying a new routine for my skin. With winter coming it wasn't such a crazy move to buy moisturizer. 
I already use some product of the "collagen moist full" line of Etude House, I like the smell and the texture. 
I also purchase sugar oil scrub from the collection "Know your body" which is supposed to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. I'm really exited to try this one : it smell like baby soap!! 

As you can see, Etude House always have a nice variety of "set" to try other products.
They are the best at giving sample and gifts.
Samples come in medium size, so you can really try products on a full week for example. 


On my way back home, I did something really bad … I went to forever21 "just to see not to buy anything"… what a lie I told myself. I did ended up buying 5 finger rings O_O and a head band.
Ok, forever 21 is an inexpensive shop but do I really needed that many rings? 

Anyway, there is an idea behind that, I want to try wearing rings more often but I had lost all the ones I ever had… so here I am!

 The nail polish I'm wearing is also from Etude House ( #OR202, 200 yens)

"Whatever" head band so my ears wouldn't be cold this winter. 

So I think it's all for today,  I really recommend you to try Etude house product at least once. 
This brand is really a good deal and it's always a pleasure to shop there. 

fluffy sweater is life!

See you very soon! 


  1. Merci Sairen pour cet article! J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à le lire, comme chaque fois! Moi aussi en ce moment je suis plus portée sur les cosmétiques que sur les vêtements alors ton post est arrivé à point nommé :) j'aime beaucoup ton blog, c'est une grande sources d'inspiration! j'espère pouvoir venir au japon dans un an , en attendant, je "voyage" à travers ton expérience! merci beaucoup de nous la faire partager^^
    Bonne continuation :3

    1. Merci beaucoup Agathe, ça me fait vraiment plaisir et me donne beaucoup de motivation pour de nouveaux articles. n'hésite pas à me donner des suggestions de ce que tu aimerais lire/voir. J'espère que mes "aventures" continuerons de t'intéresser et que tu créeras les tiennes bientôt. ^___^