Dec 2, 2013

Autumn Rock LOOKBOOK

Hello ! 

Today article will be a first try of a Lookbook post.
 The idea is to show you few coordinations for Autumn and Winter season. 
As always, a rock inspiration … black clothing, leather, hats. 
I really hope you will like it, and send me the link if you already did a lookbook article or video. 
I'm apologizing for the quality of the pictures, here it's pitch black at 5PM so it's hard to have a good light. 

1/ Casual black

Hat : H&M
Jacket : Random shop
Outer : Monomania
Leggings : ebay
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

It's a very simple outfit but yet it represents my style very well… 
it's the kind of silhouette I like wearing.  
You can't be wrong in black leggings, leather jacket and a very cool hat, right? 

2/ School day look

Hat : Ca4la
Jumper : Vintage from Kinji
Dress : Forever 21
Leggings : Boy London
Boots : 3rd by Vanquish

A everyday casual style.
 Leggings are so comfortable and easy to wear in winter. 

3/ Lady Rock

Hat : WEGO
Dress: Vintage
Bag : Vintage

I felt in love with that dress at the first sight. 
I wore it recently at an opening party (ASVOFF). 
Just a gorgeous dress, I feel like a Queen. 

Vermillon lips

4/ Glam night

Hat : H&M
Jacket : killiwatch
T-shirt : EGR
shorts : Love Boat
Tights : Sister
Shoes : Vivienne Westwood (melissa)


5 / Yankee Mickey

Don't mind the messy room please
 it's always the same jacket Mickey : it's reversible ! 
A Yankee side (blue) and a Good Girl side (black velvet) 

That's it for today, I still have plenty of OOTD pictures but I'm afraid this article will get to heavy to read. So maybe a next time. 

What is your favorite Outfit? 

See you soon!! Stay tuned bitches!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, that's probably my favorite one. ^^

  2. My favorites:
    1- The japanese queen (omg thaaaat dress)
    2- The Yankee Mickey
    So surprising, right?(^.-)
    Awesome post btw deary, I want to see morrre.

    1. Thank you very much baby, I'll try to do more outfit pictures post. In the rush it's always hard to take time for that. So I think with the lb article, it's easier to set up.

  3. My favorite ones are 1 and 3, especially the leggings (I've seen them in grey,but the black version is much nicer) and the beautiful print on the dress.

    1. Ohhww >-< thanks! actually on the dress it's not a print but an embroidery *_*