Feb 11, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @ La Cigale (Paris)

Hello !! 

I am writing my first concert report article on this blog !
Yesterday ( February 10th) was the first Oneman live of Kyary in Paris.

She already came last summer for the Japan Expo, at this time I was model for Harajuku Kawaii in Paris, a fashion show organized by Asobi System. That's why I saw Kyary's concert from backstage and we had a lot of fun with the others models. ^w^

Delphine, one of the model, contacted Asobi System recently and thanks to her who kindly invited me, I was able to attend to Kyary's concert at La Cigale as a VIP.
We were sat at the front row in the first balcony, so I had a perfect view of the whole stage. How cool is that?!!

As a member of the TFS, I also take few "street snap" pictures of kyary's fan, unfortunately the weather was really bad (snow and wind) and everybody was freezing outside. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time with  Wendy but I think her style was amazingly cool.
Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Wendy <3 and="" br="" friend="" her="">

Mimi et Kitty Kyuppi

Kitty is also a model, take a look at her work here

I'm not used at all to "pop" concert, I'm more of a Rock chick XD and I felt a little bit uncomfortable as if I was an impostor.

A good concert (on my point of view) is made of sweat, bruises and a fucking "biiiiiiiiiiip" stucking on your ears for a week and a total impossibility of moving your head.
Anyway, I tried a new experience with KPP's concert! And I definitely had a lot of fun, no regret.
 I listen to Kyary's song when I am doing my make up or trying to do something boring with fun (clean my room or do the laundry for example). I have to admit I like a lot of her song ah ah

Back to the concert, I were with three of my friends from Harajuku Kawaii in Paris fashion show :
 Inès, Delphine and Vanessa.

Inès, Delphine and Vanessa
Pretty pretty girls.

Me, Inès, Delphine, Vanessa

 In the Vip area there was a lot of children,  I spend half of the concert watching at them enjoying singing and dancing with Kyary. *w*


The venue was full of fanboy addicted to Japanese idols, screaming "Kyarrrrrri" with a totally uncool french accent, holding fucking annoying pink light sticks. Seriously, this kind of person are so creepy. TT_TT Why at 35 years old are you still listening to child song cute overload singer. O_O get a life please !!

However, Kyary had wonderful outfits during the concert and her dancers are really amazing so the show was fun to watch. They also projected videos.

After the concert we went to eat Udon at Opera with the girls, aaaaand that's the end of the day!

My favorite outfit of the concert


  1. Waaw, the little streetsnap is great!(*-*)

  2. génial les photos ! ^.^ elles ont du style les filles, dommage que je en vois pas ce genre de looks plus souvent sur Paris :/

    gros bisous <3

  3. Superbe photos!! Super article!! Je valide ♥