Jan 7, 2014

L'image de tous les jours ~毎日の絵~


Back in December I had the chance to model for a photo shooting with my girl, Vanessa. 
We met Rie (the make-up artist) and Ryo (hair stylist) at Le Baron, they asked us if we wanted to do a shooting together. We kept in touch and they organized a shooting based on the story of two sisters. We shot in a private apartment in Ebisu, actually I'm so jealous I want the same one! 

My beloved black hat

I was so exited to participated to this shooting, not only about the modeling part but also because I was sure to spend the nicest time with them. I met the photograph, Yusuke, on the same day, he worked in Paris for a bit so we had much to speak. 
the shooting was fun and for the first time I felt really relaxed doing a shoot even if I'm not comfortable showing a cuter side of me on pictures.

Getting ready while waiting for my sister to wake-up

Wearing all white and very natural make-up felt strange but I just love the final result in picture! 
I'm so not a professional model (far from it actually) so I'm very thankful to Rie, Ryo and Yusuke who gave me the chance to do a shooting. 

Playing with my doggy

Love at first sight

I hope I will meet this guys soon! 
Do you recognize me without my panda eyes makeup? 

 Please take a look at the website of Ryo, the hairstylist, he is amazing! 

Also, go and check the blog of my sister,  she made an article with her part of the shooting if you want to see more!! 

「L'image de tous les jours ~毎日の絵~」

Hair : Ryo Ishiyama
Make-up : Rie Yoshizawa
Photo : Yusuke Yamamoto
Models : Irène, Vanessa

See you soon guys! 

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  1. Wow, you look really lovely even with a different kind of make-up and the white dress you were wearing and the hairstyle are really nice. :) It must have been a lot of fun!