Feb 3, 2014

Wind of change

Hi guys !

 Today I'm on a more serious note.

 I've been quite uncomfortable at making new articles on my blog mostly because my head was all messed up with lot of things while not so much fun happens in my life.

Since last summer my "Tokyo lifestyle" has really turn in a different way. Life just changes, not saying it's better or worse, simple things of my daily life became a struggle and at the same time amazing things are becoming my daily life. 

  • The show must go on! 

  This blog is not really a diary so I'm not going to bother you any longer with my life details. 

Talking about writing, here comes the point of this article : 

  • A new format for my blog. 

  I'm thinking on doing lighter articles so I'll be able to post more often.
Quick party report, or outfit of the day post. And trying to write both in Japanese and English. 
What do you think? 

  • New life!  

  I'll start studying fashion business in April (in Tokyo), you can tell it's a big step for me. That's gonna be hard but I'll do my best. Not so confident but hopefully it'll come along the way. 
  • New hair?!

  I've been through so much frustration those past months that now I feel the need to just focus on myself. 
Apparently, the simple life, love and stability is not for me. I heard you life, destiny, karma or whatever!  
So, that's where my green hair came from. 
Need to change my face to build my faith. 
Tired of the same old me, need to spice my life!

I will stop here for today, I'll do my best to post more often this year!

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  1. Hope you will surpass everything !
    You are still a very stylish and cool girl, keep on being strong ! :)
    Do the best at school, I am sure you will.
    I am truly happy you succeed in everything until now.
    the rest mustn't bother you anymore :)

    <3 LOVE <3 HEART <3 HUG <3

    Ps: Your hair is the best ! I think It really suits your personality x)

    1. Thank you! I will survive don't worry for me. ^^
      you are so sweet girl! *hug* I hope I'll make you all proud very soon. ^_-
      Happy you like my hair by the way!

  2. It's sad to hear you haven't been feeling your best...
    I wish you all the luck with your "new" life! :)
    & as wendy said, I love your hair!

  3. C'est bien de pas se laisser abattre ! 頑張ってね~ ^_^)/☆

  4. Nothing better than a fresh start! \(^.-)/ Keep your head up sweetie!
    Sinon, je pense que c'est une très bonne idée ce changement de format. Plus tu posteras, mieux ce seras et ajouter du japonais est l'idéal pour toucher un plus large public.
    Je me répète mais tes cheveux bleus sont magnifiques, je suis définitivement atteinte de jalousie capillaire.

  5. Uuh, that sucks, but at least you're feeling better now! I think it may be also a result from traveling abroad for a long time, I've moved three times in the past half a year and it really is taking a toll on my body and mind.
    Best luck for the studies! I bet you'll do great, you have great style and already experience in fashion. The new hair is really awesome, it looks great on you. And yes for both Eng and Japanese!