Jan 4, 2014

10 days in France


I just came back from Paris where I spend the holidays with my family. 
I haven't seen them for 9 months so that was a very emotional trip.
I mostly stay at home with my cute nephews. Of course I went shopping a bit ^^

Better than writing a boring article about it, I will show you
my holidays in pictures:

The very next day after my arrival, my bestie (Clemence) came to my house and we went shopping at the nearest mall.

It was really lovely to be able to share a whole afternoon together, like the good old times.
I really hope she will manage to visit me in Tokyo soon.

After that I cooked some cookies for the guests who kept coming at our house to see the Princess back in her kingdom (aka me). My nephews ate most of them while watching Ratatouille U_U

Of course we made a christmas tree, all red this year.

A very disappointing thing happened  on the 3rd day : my parents' internet box broke…
So I was planning to upload for you a Christmas Doll makeup tutorial before the Holy day, but unfortunately I couldn't do it on time. 
maybe I'll post it anyway, my friend say it can suit a Valentine day makeup.. so why not?

Here is a sneak peak for you guys

I'm wearing Nunettes sunglasses, they are so cute! I feel like a London girl 
See, the point is that it matches my lipstick!! 

Rainy weather in France
nothing changes
in Versailles

On Christmas day (Noël in French) all my family were gathered in my house
my dad made an awesome meal and Santa was generous. 

The best present came from one of my niece who is 4 years old. 
She draw all by herself this amazing unicorn and made a key holder from it. 

Because christmas is a family reunion, I choose a cute and simple floral dress.
For the make-up I stayed in the innocent/cute side of the force. 

Time flies when you are with the ones you love
I went shopping twice in Paris and also visited my grandparents. 
We took a cup of tea while watching the old photos albums.


Shopping session on the Grand Boulevards

 Tokyo in Paris ( Citadium) 

See, Japan is everywhere… 
I am now back in Japan. 

oh and  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 


  1. Happy new year! I spent Christmas back in my country as well, but I'm looking forward to the post-Christmas sales here in Paris =D I love the look, I would love to see the tutorial (and yep, Valentine day would be perfect). BTW, I never heard of Citadium before, thanks for the tip!