Nov 4, 2013

Alice Auaa SS 2014


During last Tokyo fashion week I had the fabulous opportunity to go to the Alice Auaa show. This was an incredible experience as it was my first time at the Mercedes-Benz Tokyo fashion week.

As you may already know, I have a strong taste for black clothing and dark/gloomy inspirations.
I don't like to label things as "gothic"because most of the time it has no sense to do so.
 I think the color black isn't equal to gothic, and Gothic culture is much more than just black clothes. 

Even if I don't follow each collection of the brand, I happened to love Alice Auaa and admire Yasutaka Funakoshi's work for a long time. 
In a way it's very challenging for me to put words on what is it, what I feel, when I'm talking about something I like. 
Let's just say, his world echoes to mine.

Now, back on the subject: the show.
The Spring/ Summer collection 2014 theme was " Sleeps in water".

/ warning, this whole theory which follows come from my sick mind/ 

It brought us on the muddy and cold water of a British lake where a young and pale woman is living. 
Some would say it's in the deep sea but let me have my own perspective on it.
Maybe because I couldn't help but thinking of Harry Potter Goblet of fire movie.

Her body lost its colors, she looks like an underwater ghost, 
now she is one with the water plants and the deep water species. 
the collection is so airy, the fabrics almost seems to be Jelly fish skin or maybe a fish fin, the whole thing beautifully ripped by the elements.

seaweed woman

When the theatrical fairy tail ended, we met the creator himself and also some fabulous people who went to see the show as well.

Yasutaka Funakoshi


It was really kind of him to take pictures with us, I think we did a great trio. 

As I saw this two beauties, I couldn't resist but to ask taking a picture with them. 
RinRin is a famous lolita model and Tiger is a very cool Tokyo " it girl". 

Some people's style really caught my attention, sadly I could only took a few pictures. 
I don't know if you would be interested by that...
 But I'm thinking of trying to take snap pictures of style I liked on people, or just really cool people.

I was totally amazed by this show, the creative work was fantastic, it really took me in another world. 
Isn't that the purpose of art after all? 

I also would like to thanks Mathieu (Bmedia, Nunettes) who invited us to the show
 and took all the catwalk pictures for me. 

I'm looking forward to getting involved in more fashion events, I'm really glad all this can happen here in Tokyo for me. 

That's it for today, I hope you liked it. 

See you soon!

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  1. Wow, so surreal! Some of the techniques look totally like fish fins, that's amazing. I really love the shoes the models wore, the see through plastic straps look also very marine.