Oct 21, 2013

Touch Me : The after party

It's me again cuties! 

Chillin' in the Limousine
You are getting now onto the second part yayyy
Well, so first things first: 

Why was I invited to these after parties? 

So it's not just about me, but about a new project including my beloved Vanessa (Aiko). 
We are now working as chief editors of TOKYO STREET STYLE website. 
The staff of the Tokyo Fashion Show is now part of this new French project. 

my lady and me at Murua's party

Minh who is also part of TSS

 I'm very exited about this new work which is offering me many new opportunities. As before, I will present fashion and beauty in Japan to the French public. 
Don't worry guys, I won't stop my personal blog 

What is Touch Me *?

"Touch Me" is a fashion event which is running for each new season (so, twice a year) to present the new collection of Mark Styler's Japanese brands. Most popular brands of the Touch Me events are probably Murua, Emoda, Dazzlin, Laguna moon, Gyda, Ressexy, Ungrid and Jouetie. These fashion shows are getting more and more attention and popularity year by year.

*French readers GO read Vanessa's article on TSS website!

Where is the after party? 

That's the fun part, it's a partyyyyy safariiiii ! Almost all the club of Shibuya are privatized and each brand has its own event with it's own style! isn't that awesome? 

To travel from a venue to an another there is a free Limousine ride for those who have a pass for all the parties. 

don't look at my eyes or you'll burn into Hell

What is the difference with the usual club parties? 

The venue where is setting the party is decorated and animated by the brand just for that night and only that night. Inside the club there are few spots where you can take pictures with your friends or even getting a new hair style for the night!

K's devil twin is a hairdresser

Also, you can receive limited edition gifts from the brand (iphone case, hair accessories ...) 
and very cool Touch me X Nunettes sunglasses!! 

Guests? yeah you will have the chance to meet your favorite models, idols, and to listen to the set of Tokyo's most hype Djs.
 Also, the popular shop staff are here to party with you ! and trust me they are as pretty as real models. 

At Emoda party I had the chance to met my favorite blogger : Cheesie

Yui Minemura

+ Extra Blabla :

 For some reasons I am the only one who has devil eyes on almost all pictures which scares me a little ... why me? T_T 

Thanks to my partner in crime who shares with me her iphone pictures took during the night. I still haven't a japanese smartphone ... >_>"

Byyye guys

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  1. @Super jealous because I only get to go to Erasmus parties >.>@ Your eyes look totally fine to me in most of the pics... could it be the type of circle lenses (in case you use them)?
    As for crazy hair, I guess I can't color mine unless I cut it really short, last time I bleached it I had to cut it pixie, it was extremely damaged. TT___TT I can still get a colorful wig though =D