Oct 17, 2013

Get ready with me to Touch Me after party

Hi there!

I feel so bad not having writing a thing since ages ... I am guilty, I am lazy, I had shitty days recently and didn't have done such exciting things. So hum yeah ... I suck at keeping a blog alive. sorry guys.

Last week I did something with my life and went to the very exiting: Touch me after party. 
In order to do something different here is a Get ready with me article.

The Final result

Step 1: the fabulous hair

Knowing that I would go to an intense party journey this weekend I went to the hairdresser Tuesday night (yes night o_o amazing tokyo life) with my friend Kitty.
I was not so confident on my appearance and my hair was especially horrible recently. A SHAME. multi colored damaged blond with no shape.

For the first time I went to "Viva cute candy" at Shimokitazawa, they are specialized in cute/crazy design and amazing rainbow hair color. The place was really cute almost like if I sneaked in the bedroom of a 90's cute little girl.


So we chat a lot while doing my hair, and I came back home with amazing silver hair.
This shop is getting really popular among foreigners too and i totally can understand why.

Go check their website : http://vivacutecandy.com/

2: Healthy snack and a good TV program

When I'm getting ready for a big event, I'm always trying to start early so I won't make any time-stressed mistakes. Girls, you know what I mean : eyeliner on the cheek, forgetting to put mascara on, brushing your teeth and ruining your fondation,  ripping your thighs, forget deodorant, and so on...
To get things done right you need time and organization. 

So between two steps, I can't help it, I have to nomnomnom something. 
Since I am sick, it was not beer and pasta but something healthier...

Try to choose food that you can easily eat in case you're doing highly manual (o_o is it english? ) at the same time, like curling hair or painting nails. 

I love watching TV while doing my hair and make up. 
Sometimes it takes so long to curl or straighten my hair, I have to keep my mind entertains or I'm bored as hell.
The most stupid, the better it is. 

Step 3: The Fresh Dolly face

Take a warm shower, scrub, mask, moisturize. 
Usual crap that you are doing but the important thing is to start with a fresh face.
If you already have make-up on, clean it off. 
it's better to not re-apply makeup, your skin will not appreciate. 

Party = pictures
perfect skin is a must have! 

Before the Fab'

Glam ON 
Step 4: The makeup

You want a perfect make up so don't rush
you must think wisely while doing party makeup :

- it has to stay long
- you have to look good on pictures (with a flash) 
- match your outfit and the theme of the party (if there is one)
- look amazing even from faaar away

a party makeup is heavy but properly done and has to be flattering. 

For me, it means.

a mat fondation, good contouring (heavy nose contouring for pictures), biiig eyes and fuller lips. 

aannd that's it, for the clothes follow your inspiration but always try to innovate and do bigger and bigger every time you go out. 
Let's not be bored by our own style! 
let your creativity speaks. 

NEXT ARTICLE: The after party pictures!!


  1. Wow, I love your hair (and also the party make up)! My ex sent me a link of the salon before when I was in Japan (since he wanted me to get a crazier hair style), but in the end I didn't go, now I regret it!
    Your party routine totally puts me to shame, I always plan to plan it like this, but in the end I have barely enough time to do something to look human, and I certainly need to think more about how I'd look in photo with flash. Next time we go, I need to open this post first to remind myself of it! BTW, is the super cute bowl from Daiso?

    1. Don't regret there is a time for everything, you'll have other chance to try crazy hair colors. It's very trendy now so you can try by yourself.
      ahah you know sometimes i'm on a rush when i'm getting ready, i'm sure you're cute anyway !
      Yes I have also the pig bowl ahah 100yens shops are my saviors!! ^^