Sep 18, 2013



Hi there ! 

It's been a while 
Using Starbucks' wifi now and still don't have internet at home or on my phone. I feel like I'm living in the middle age and I don't even remember how i used to spend my free time before internet. 

Anyway, back to the subject ... I was really excited by my first fashion night out (september 7th) ,
and thanks to Vanessa I also had the chance of going to the event with MTV crew. 
It was an amazing experience and spend a wonderful day with my girl Vanessa and MTV crew. 
We made a shooting for MTV81 where they follow us around the fashion night out events. 

in front of Omotesando Hills


So at first we went to the press room where all the sponsors and the FNO ambassadors  presented the event.
I was very impressed for sure but I'm always strong when I'm with her ^_-

Fashion  night out ambassadors

Little photo session before the show starts hehe

Sai's poor baby face


the ambassador ambassandoring

Me focusing

So, after we went to the opening ceremony at the Omotesando Hills and quickly moved to my beloved Laforet Harajuku.
We presented the shop where we use to shop or like to go. 
There were various little party inside the shop so it was really fun to check all of them. 

very good DJ at the entrance (very good because M.Jackson)

 We also went at Cannabis were they nicely offered us Beer and food. un apéritif quoi!
Really love the selection of this shop, actually that's where i bought that dress.

Vogue girl

la main dans le sac

Free food for hungry fashionista

after that very great afternoon, we all went eating Okonomiyaki
 (by the way my favorite japanese food )
To finish with a wild after party at Le Baron de Paris (aoyama)

A big thank you to MTV and all the awesome people I met
Hope I will come back again next year

That's all for today, more coming when I'll be back in the future. 

See you bitches


Please go check Vanessa 's article

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  1. Wow, it looks like lots of fun! I love your dress and make up. ^^