Sep 4, 2013

Purple Love

Hi there! (・ω・)ノ

Recently I dyed the ends of my hair in purple. 

Of course it is already fading away onto an ash color but I wanted to show you the result.

I use a hair color bought at Donki for 999yens ( around 7euros) at first i felt like i put acrelic paint on my hair. Very dry feeling and hideous smell.
After rincing I happily saw my hair wasnt "that" damage.

Shopping at Shibuya

I wish I had more exiting things to blog but my social life is kind of ... Slowed.
I had very calm weekends... You know just relaxing with K. Or my friends.

Anyway, few weeks ago ( month?(._.) feels like ages...) I went to made in Tokyo party with my purple hair and a very experimental style that probably makes no sense.

* Edit : this post was in my draft for ages, I decided to post it anyway because that maybe you would enjoy some purple hair >;<

See ya

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