Mar 13, 2013

Leather Barbie and Shopping

Heidi ho!

Today's purple make up

For once, I wrote a "traditional" blog post and talked about myself -like if you care about my life-
It probably looks messy because I have various things I wanted to talk about ...

Recently I did some shopping because" I have nothing to wear!" ... no I mean really! 
My body changed a lot and most of my clothes just look ridiculously huge on me, I like when my clothes fit well. 

I went to Zara looking for jeans or leggings .... annnnd I bought 3 tops... 
The leather one is simple perfection, love it so much even if I can't gain one kilo - implosion-
Enough talking, here are the few shots of my OOTD  ( I kept it simple, as always I'm not very into fancy accessories) 

The two others t-shirts were really cheap, I'm thinking about customize them. 
Maybe cut it as a tank top for the grey one... 

Ok, that's it for the clothing.

Now I have to admit I'm not good at control myself when make up is involved.
I took a look at Kiko's products and ending buying tons of stuff.
Actually, I have to say that's the quality of the pigments is not bad at all. 
the quality price ratio is amazing. I'm sold! Kiko is pretty nice for basics.

Here is my cosmetic "haul"

Metallic nail polishes
 Kiko's one is purple with glitter. I'm wearing it a lot. 
The green one is from Mavala, the color is awesome but looks boring on nails. T_T

The Body shop products are shitty I still don't know why I bought them. 
The smell is so strong it made me sick, I nearly throw up after putting my lip butter ( pink grapefruit).
The mango boddy butter smell like child fruit yoghurts. buuh
 It's a good moisturizer so I'm using it on my legs (far away from my nose)


Here are the two Kiko's lipsticks. 
I use them as lip balm , the smell is nice and texture is comfortable

- 806 (tangerine)
- 818 (soft starry pink)

Brown and purple eye pencils 
and a light beige stick eyeshadow (I use it as a base)
Huge crush on the brown pencil !!

- Precision eye pencil 301(brown)
- Glamourous eye pencil 406 ( dark violet) 
- Long lasting stick eye shadow 6,90 euros

on my hand (you can't see the pink lipstick T_T)

Today's make up -again-

My japanese friend Norimi came to Paris last week and gave me the latest Jelly and Blenda as Omiyage 
Ah, I can't help it I really love reading magazines while drinking a cup of tea. 

Jpop Divas battle cover! XD (team Koda here)

Talking about Japan, I'm taking my plane in 19 DAYS!!!! 
How crazy is that?!
I can't realize yet but I'm starting to say good bye to everybody here in France. That's why I'll go to see all my friends from Bordeaux at the end of the week. I used to live there for my studies, 3 years that I don't want to forget, happy memories and awesome friends. 


Since March 10th I am the proud and blessed aunt of Simon, the second son of my brother. 
It'll be really painful to leave them, my heart already broke when I hug my niece (my sister's child) to tell her I am going to be far away for a long time.

Eloi and Simon, my two baby boyz
Sairen autie thinks this article is really getting too long...
Good bye every one


  1. You're just getting more stunning everytime you post something new. And personally I didn't mind the lenght f your post, it was so full of everything to die for : clothes, make up, a sexy girl and children <3

    1. thanks baby, i'm glad that you like it, I'll do my best to always surprised you (on a good way though) ....

  2. Your hair is sooo pretty! New follower here, I love your style <3

  3. J'adore ton outfit, c'est simple mais diablement sexy!! Ton makeup est superbe également!
    Mais...tu as vécu à Bordeaux??? Sans blague, quel hasard!!!! Tu y as étudié quoi??
    Poutous miss!

    1. merci beaucoup, ah ah oui être sexy c'est non négociable comme critère pour moi dans le choix d'une tenue.
      J'étais en LEA anglais japonais à Bdx 3. ^^ J'ai adoré vivre à Bordeaux mais je le ferais pas toute ma vie XD
      Bisou et merci pour ce comment ^_-

  4. Tiens, des Bordelaises aussi ! Tu as bien de la chance d'avoir quitté Bordeaux pour Tokyo, je suivrais tes aventures avec attention :p Courage !!

    _Saëlle, gaigjin gyaru bordelaise.

  5. Nouveau dans la communauté gyaru francophone!!!!!!! une belle page facebook pour toute nous rassembler et partager notre passion pour la mode gyaru!

    Like la page partage et envoie tes photos!

  6. Love your hair! Also the peplum top! I hope to visit Tokyo one day :) So cool that you are studying there!!