Sep 12, 2014

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

 Last Saturday, I went to a fashion event created by Vogue called "Fashion Night Out" at Omotesando /Aoyama.

先週の土曜日はボーグのファッションナイトアウットだった @表参道

Mayu, Tiger (emi), Yuri, Me

It was the 6th edition of the event in Tokyo, I already participated last year with my friend Vanessa and MTV81.
This time the weather was ruining the party and really get on the nerves of everyone as you have to walk around Harajuku to get to see all the event.
I went to few brand parties and met lot of friends but I have only few good pictures to show you, next time I will be more prepared. 


+ my outfit +

Laforet Harajuku


Top : Zara
Trousers : Topshop
boots : Minelli
bag : Envym
accessories : Topshop

I went to Harajuku straight from school so I was quite tired, I think you can read that on my face.

 I'm really looking forward the Tokyo fashion week next month! 
I will try my best to blog every fashion event where I'm going because in the rush I usually forget to take pictures. 


Vogue pose

 Thanks to Mathieu for the pictures !


If you want to check the article I made last year 

The video from MTV81 

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  1. Wow, it looks so cool! I love your outfit and make-up too, did you have to do touch ups or it survived this way the whole day and night? My make up always looks horrible by the end of the day... Looking forward to seeing more posts about the FW!