Jan 22, 2013

Rock your body

Hi everyone !!

I just changed the design of "French Doll" (my blog which you are currently reading) , the concept is "electro Burton".... I know the color are very brights  but I like it that way. It's a good reflect of my personality. 

Recently, I made a new blog post on "Mainichi Fashion", the  Tokyo Fashion Show official staff blog. 
I wrote a review about my new black wig and add a lot of new pictures. 
If you haven't check it yet, please take a look.

I want to share with you some picture of my all black clothing style. 

 Wig: Lockshop
Top : American Apparel
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Duras 

(more pictures on Mainichi Fashion)

That's it for today, on my next article I'm going to talk about THE big news, my upcoming new life in Tokyo. I know you are curious. 

Oh ... and here are my tumblr and my instagram.

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