Jan 4, 2013


Hello everyone!

I wish you a happy new year (^w^) /*

I spend a really nice Xmas at my sister's place in Luxembourg with her little family. 
She gave me many gifts and stuff, she also took an appointment at the hairdresser for me. So now I have nice shiny grayish hair. I'm really thankful even if I'm a spoiled child. 
Me and my niece did have a lot of fun playing together, she is the cutest 3 years old little girl in the world. I already miss the hug of my baby girl i__i

my baby girl

new hair

From 28th December to 3rd January I went to Montpellier at Aiko's place. 
We talked a lot about our common future, our dreams, studies, love , friendship ... well, everything .
On many subjects, Aiko and I have a similar point of view, I am learning a lot from her, she gives me strength and courage. With her it's like everything can happen, I feel strong ^w^
Together, we will hit the top! 
Unfortunately, we did not took as many pictures as we wanted, so here are the one we took at New Year Eve. 

robe All Saints

ps : SAIren + aiKO = SAIKO (u) 最高 = THE BEST
ah ah that's lame ... I know. 

with Elise

with Steven and Johanna at the Pub

Big changes are coming in my life but I can't tell from now.

Aiko blog on Ameba 


  1. Vous êtes superbes ! Et puis tes nouveaux cheveux te vont très bien ^-^

    Bonne année à toi aussi bisous <3

    1. Merci, c'est loin d'être un gros changement mais bon. Bonne année à toi aussi ma belle.

  2. Magnifiques les filles !! Et Sairen je craque complètement pour ta robe !!!!
    Bye bye

    1. hiii >////< merciii
      Je met pas trop en valeur la robe mais elle est belle XD