Jan 23, 2013

Rich Bitch

Hey !!!

New outfit of the day post. Today theme is 90's rich bitch. 
Inspired by Gwen Stephani's look and make up. 
Pin Up but ... with a bling bling cheap rich wannabe look. (no offense)

All pictures are taken by my webcam. 
My leopard top is something I used to wear to dressing-up as Fran Fain (The Nanny) when I was a kid.
Fran Fain is a huge unconscious inspiration for me, I used to watch the show everyday so she became one of my model.

I bought my earing at H&M for 1 euro
And my lipstick is 'media' from MAC

So classy ....


  1. 90s rich bitch haha i love this completely. this is such an amazing look and it looks great on you. makes me want to try this look out for myself!

    xx rae

    1. Thank you very much ^_-
      I'm looking forward to see you with that kind of look!