Jan 28, 2013

J- 63 JAPAN 2013


So the big news is that I'm going to start living in Tokyo from April 2013.

Many friends came to me after my recent announcement and wanted to know more about it.
So I think you guys might wondering why I suddenly  took such a decision.
Ok, so first it's not sudden at all. it's well thought. 

The thing is I was supposed to start my school in Japan from September 2013 but I've changed my mind since I'm bored as hell here in France. I'm not really blaming anyone for what happened but I can't breath here. The only guilty for this situation is me but I can't help it I am not happy here.

Leaving is not always a solution. In my case, I'm sure it's vital, I've been thinking about it for long time.
The earlier I'm going back to studies the sooner I'll find a job. For my future, to achieve my goals and my projects I need to be fluent in Japanese.
Well ... I have many good reasons for choosing to start my school in April that I don't want to expose here. ah ah  se-cret
The only fact that you can be sure about is that I'm not gonna waste my time anymore.
And my life is going to be way more funnier. I'm not trying to say I'm going there just to have fun of course !

One of my friend will join me on this adventure starting from June, so things will get way more exiting! <3 br="" nbsp=""> Now, I'm planning everything for my new life. I hope nothing goes wrong with my visa.
I've already been twice in Tokyo and I love this city (so cliché, sorry ) that's why I choose TKY to make a new start.

Concerning my work with Tokyo Fashion Show I will not be able to attend our meeting and various events in France but I will write articles with fresh news from Tokyo.

I'll do my best to make you proud, and haters gonna hate ... for sure.



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  1. T'inquiète quand tu sera à Tokyo c'est moi qui serais jalouse de tes achats je suis sur ;p

    Bon la régime obligé si je veux pouvoir rentrer dans tout ce que j'ai commandé.