Jan 30, 2013

Best of Jelly

Last week I received a mysterious package from a secret admirer 
The address shows that he lives in Nagoya
Mmmh maybe my fan is the Monkey Dandy...
That man knows how to melt a woman heart(❤๐❤)
I got 6 (yes 6 magazines madame!! ) from Japan and others top secret stuff hihihi
Oh la la Monkey D is so generous ! I'm blessed. 

That awesome gift (I loveeeee fashion magazine u know) is composed of two of my favorite reading:

TUNE : It's really hard to get it here in Paris and since I'm fond of men street fashion this is one of my favorite magazine from Japan. I've got a huuuge collection of it $__$ In the future I want to work in men fashion, so I keep them all. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


JELLY: my favorite gyaru magazine, I get lot of inspiration for my make up and sometimes my outfits. I think when I'll live in Tokyo, I'm going more into that fashion for my everyday look. 
of course, I am never going to be a real gyaru, it's too boring on my point of view, I love more hardcore style.... but this is another subject.

I want to show you my selection of the best style of Jelly,
Ok, I don't know if that seems to be the best for you but that's what caught my eyes.

sorry for the blurry effect, my scanner is not working very well so I took pictures of the pages.

Yuuki Yamamoto

Maya Mori



my favorite



Cool girl

rider leather jacket

I'm in love with this picture


  1. Je connais pas le second magazine, je veux des scans aussi !!!!

    et sinon bonne sélection des coords, mais bon j'en attendais pas moins de toi ;)

    bisous !!

    1. Si ca interesse je scannerais tune alors, mais c'est beaucoup plus underground wtf XD
      Merci en tout cas je suis contente que ca t'ai plu. ^_-