Aug 1, 2013

Wild Life


I have been very late on my article schedule so I'm going to talk about what happened these past weeks. it might be a bit heavy, sorry guys.

Not everything went as we planned but I still had a fun weekend. 
On saturday night (fever) I went to trump room with K. and my party girl Kitty! 
very fun night as always drinking with my friends and chatting all night. 

I brought back my leopard rich bitch style on the stage and rocked it out this night

On Sunday, my boyfriend was very excited at the idea to help me choose my yukata, so we went shopping all day. ^w^ 

We both liked a lot this print because of the golden fish detail. 

I have to say I can't wait to go to a matsuri with K.
( especially if he is wearing a yukata too *nosebleed* )


At night we bought some fireworks and beers
 we played, laughing like little kids at the park near his apartment. 
It was so fun! everybody tells me I look like a bad girl on the pictures ah ah
Badass pajamas bitch!


Creepy ...... 


My dear Mini from France came in Tokyo 
so first thing first, we went to Izakaya to welcome her in Japan! 

TFS reunited 


The next day, we all went to Tokyo decadence 80's party 
and on our way to the club WHAT THE FUCK!! We met my boyfriend in Shibuya... O___O """
originally it was an all girls night to celebrate the fact that we are all in Tokyo now. 
ah ah but I couldn't let my boy alone so he came with us ! 
Man .... it's destiny! 

Make up of the day

Awesome party with my friends and the unexpected K. 

Hey ladies

After a very short sleep, it was date time for me! ah ah 
He planned to bring me to Shinagawa aquarium
blop blop blop

under the seaaaaaa

fast penguin is fast!

Then, Dinner time at Asakusa 
Yakiniku hell yeah it's good! ( eating fish would have been rude )

owwwww é.è

Ok I think it's enough for today, I'll post soon the picture of last weekend with my Yukata! ^_- 


Hope you didn't became sick about all this rabu rabu anoying stuff
sorry, can't help it!