Jul 13, 2013

the girl who wears black in summer time.

Hello ! 

In Tokyo we also are melting, 35°c during the day ...
As you know i don't own a lot of summer clothes, because like a lot of people it bothers me a lot to buy new clothes just for one or two months (hot days in France are getting fewer and fewer year by year).
Also the "spring and summer" spirit of clothing is not my thing at all... flowers, colors and sh+t

Anyway, here in Tokyo it's too hot to avoid the step of getting summer clothes.
Every asian is just so jealous about my white doll skin but I just think it's ugly when you don't have a fit body. I'm looking forward to be a bit tanned. Impossible... maybe. anyway...

So just went for it and bought summer clothes hey hey


love at first sight

2 coordinations done with my new purchase

TOP from H&M
shorts from GLAD NEWS

short /skirt H&M
*I'm wearing a wig

 I also bought make up ... 
Contouring powder, eyebrow pencil and also cosmetics like hair cologne

 I heard lots of good things about Revlon's lip balm stain "just bitten kissable"

and no deception, it's amazing !! 

- very bright color
- stay all day long
- fresh mint taste 
- very moisturizing

The color I'm wearing is Sweetheart / Valentine

My heart stopped at the second I saw that, I had to bring it home with me
because it's just AWESOME
Holographic nail polish, how cool is that? 

To end this shopping session photos here is a Special gift to myself
I'm starting a collection of very small jewelry
I just think it's feminine and delicate, I want to also have this kind of accessories
for the first one I choose his name 

And finally, 10th of July was the B-day of my roommate and very dear friend Aiko
So we had dinner at a delicious hawaiian restaurant where I ordered a huge Pancake with strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream and white chocolate.... 

After, we took purikura in memory of that day
It's also our first purikura together in Japan! yay! 

Hope you enjoy this short article!

See you soon!


  1. Actually I was pleasantly surprised by the summer here, I thought it was going to be impossible to survive, but actually it's much milder than the summer in my home country. =D

    I love the one-piece and the sheer blouse you got. BTW, is the lip stain more balm-like or more lipstick-like? I wanna buy a colored lipbalm, but I can't decide which would be the best. =D

    1. Wow where are you from? it's already very hot for me!! but i'm getting use to it. =_=
      It's probably because there is air conditioner everywhere.

      Thank you! it's very pigmented but its more like a balm texture.

    2. Czech Republic - but we have fairly dry heat during the summer and the same average temperatures, so somehow the moist heat is muuuuuch more bearable for me. Ironically enough, I'll be moving to Paris in September though. =D The air con was a real pain during my first week here, I caught a cold because outside it was like 35°C and in my lab, it was like 15°C. =D
      I saw the Revlon one yesterday in a drugstore, the colors were super pretty but it was really pigmented, I might have to look for just a really sheer balm.

  2. The leopard printed dress is so cute! You look like an absolute doll~ Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products like Dollywink, Diamond Beauty, etc! )