Oct 13, 2012

Cross my fingers

As you might know I'm living near Paris, and was born there.
I spend amazing weeks with Norimi, a Japanese jewelry designer from Tokyo.
And I really deeply hope that very soon he will be famous in Paris too! His jewelry brand is ALICE BLACK, very cute design and a Punk/rock spirit. I'm a fan of his work, really.
Since I'm talking French and Japanese (I did my best with my poor Japanese skills ! )
I helped him with his Parisian life for two weeks: shopping, fashion week, tourism and a lot of fun. I made so great memories with him and I can't wait to meet him again.
 Here are some pictures of those days...


SANS TRANSITION: Cimetière du Père Lachaise



So now I'm really working on improving my Japanese.
I still haven't find a job, I'm starting to worry a lot. I really need one.
Please, CROSS YOUR FINGER for me.

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