Sep 10, 2012

It's all about friendship

 Ah~~~ I just spent the sweetest days at Montpellier

When summer ends, troubles come... Most of my friends are really stressed out by their studies and life. What we all think about is our future, our dreams, our goals and the way to achieve all of this shit...
Yeah, we are not feeling at our best at this time of the year.

And what if we all share our doubts, what if we try to cheer up and spend the nicest days with our dearest friends? That's what my friends and I did.

Thanks to Steven we made a surprise for Aiko with MiNi and decided to come secretly at Montpellier. I really missed everybody a lot so it really warmed up my heart. thank you.

Anyway, I want to share with you some pictures of my friends !! they are all awesoooommeeee !!! 

Mini and me

Steven and me
Mila and Mini

Now I'm full of energy and positivity!!
I guess that real friends are here for this purpose : making you happy...

Aiko and Steven
Aiko and Steven (just love this picture don't know why)
so serious MiNi and Me 

See you!

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