Aug 30, 2012

First thing first

Hi there, Call me Sairen, Sai or Irene, I let you the choice.

 I decided to re-open this blog and made a fresh start with new articles. I have another blog, also on blogger (mainichifashion) with my friends and team mates from the Tokyo Fashion Show.
 Basically, mainichifashion is about Japanese fashion and our own feelings and evolution on fashion and beauty. So, the subjects are kind of restricted and it is a four hands blog so I can’t just only talk about myself or being too personal since it’s linked to our association. 

Recently, I’m really into blog, I followed many blogger in the world and I admire them a lot. I love writing and I need to express myself in a way or another, but I think a blog will be the better choice for me. Of course I won’t make it as a diary or something too personal I don’t want to expose my personal life too much. But sometimes you know I need to say things that don’t interfere with the TFS.

 SO here I am. There are not so many things you have to know about me: I’ll turn 22 soon, I live near Paris, I love fashion and I’m a member of an association which promotes Japanese fashion in France 

Montmatre / this summer


  1. Merci ! En faite j'apprehende autant cette année que le post-bac donc bon ... Le temps fera son oeuvre !
    Je vais essayer de faire de mon mieux, en tout cas tes encouragements me font chaud au coeur ^-^
    Je pense que déjà, niveau style, je serais beaucoup plus libre qu'avant, on verra ce que ça va donner ! ^-^
    Bisous ~

    1. de rien ^__^
      j'ai hate de voir ce que ton "nouveau" style va donner! lache toi!!

  2. Yeaaah \(^-^)/ Welcome baaaack!