May 3, 2013

Tama Zoo


I'm just back from Tama Zoo多摩動物公園)  and I really had to share with you this awesome day. 
If you are in tokyo, it's really easy and cheap to go there. You just have to take the Keio line from Shinjuku station (360 yens) and after the "special" Tama dobutsuen train, in less than an hour you're there. 

It's not just a tiny zoo, in fact it's a zoologic park so you are going to walk a lot. The entry cost 600 yens, and there is many food stands inside the park (ice cream, hot dog, beer, yakisoba, ...) which are also quite not expensive,you can also bring your own food to picnic. The place is really peaceful with trees and beautiful flowers everywhere. 

Tama zoo is made for family so it's very convenient, you can find benches everywhere, vending machines and  clean toilets. If you cannot understand Japanese, don't worry everything is also written in English. 

The only negative point of the park is the animals , on my point of view they really not seems to be fine at all. Some just look very sick and tired and it made me kind of sad to see such unhappy creatures. 

anyway, my friend and I really spend the nicest day together. She is Chinese so we only can communicate in Japanese which was quite challenging. But she is so sweet !! 

Since today weather was really nice, the pictures I took in the park are quite good . So, please enjoy it ! 

 We spend a lot of time sun bathing and eating snacks. You know how Japanese are good at making things cuter, Tama zoo is not an exception, Kawaii animals drawings everywhere.
So yeah, we ate quite a lot ah ah

anpanman vending machine

melon soda, yakisoba

ichigo kakigori

warm tea, french fries and fried chicken

 As I told you before, the park is very convenient for everybody. There is free bus for elderly and disabled persons but I think everybody can ride it.
At the Lion's place you can also find the "Lion bus" which cost 350yens to be the closest as possible to the beasts. I have to tell you it's totally boring and useless... in fact, all the lions look sick and it really made me uncomfortable.


 We are talking about a Zoo, right? so animals .... I'm not a huge fan of zoo but my friend is reaallllly crazy about wild animals and pet. 
The park has different area (australian, african, asian and Japanese) where you can see various type of animals. There was also an insect area but I didn't went so I can't tell you how it was. 

I'll let you know some fact about me :
 I'm fucking scared about wolves. 
I love penguins. 
Monkeys seems always to be attracted by me, so when I'm around them all the males monkey came in front of me, look at me straight in the eyes and it scares the shit out of me ... always (u can ask my friends). 

The souvenir shop is just awesome! I wanted to buy everything T_T 

I choose those cute presents for my Nephews. 

presents for my babies

So hard to not buying the whole shop for them. 
I just love being with children so much, today was such a great day with all this cute little things running around and screaming. XD 

My friend also bought me a present to remember the day, I didn't know what to say because I didn't buy anything for her. >///<
 I will try to find something for her next time. 

ah .... Japan you're so good at entertaining
so good at making everything cute. 
Thank you 


  1. omg I wanna go so bad now!
    haha I'd be a male monkey I'd try to get you too baby! XD
    Your cap is cool by the way!

    1. Ok then we'll do as I told you yesterday , ne ^_-
      the cap is a gift from Nylon !

  2. We can twin with our cap ! héhé

    Happy to see you have fun ;)

    Could we hang out together to the zoo this summer ? :D