Apr 20, 2013

Welcome to Kawaii Wonderland

Hello guys

I probably waited to long to make this article, so again, it's gonna be a mess.
To stay on the same theme I'm not going to show you stuff I've bought from my crazy shopping frenesia. I'll not do any OOTD or make up haul article now because I didn't achieve to take good pictures. I'm thinking about buying another tiny camera for my handbag, I'm fed up with breaking my back every time I'm going out. I'm planning on going to bic camera tomorrow to check what they have. 

Hmm Ok, so as you know I have school everyday and that's going pretty well from now and I also managed to do many fun things since I'm here. Actually I'm not really good at taking picture when I'm around other people or when I'm hanging out with friends, when I'm enjoying the time I spend with people I kind of forgot to take pictures. 

The first week, I went to Kumamiki's brand Party Baby event with Kitty and Ayu. 

I was captivated by the atmosphere, Kumamiki's imaginary world is so rich and magical. I know the artistic expression of an artist is always singular but this is really the kind of "world" that touch my heart, I can't explain why... I just feel that this is not as crazy and childish as it seems. 
Just want to say I really enjoy the event, even if her brand seems far away from my style, I actually have a lot of admiration for her work. It brings lot of happy memories from childhood back.
I completely fall in love for Kumamiki's kimono print.

The pictures of us came from Heavy Snap 

Then, last Saturday I met Kitty at Koenji to do some vintage shopping. I spend a nice afternoon, the shops werent crowded at all which is a bit refreshing compares to Shibuya or Harajuku on the weekend. We didn't visit many shops because each time we search for treasures during hours, vintage shop are just amazing in Tokyo, it's like a treasure quest. 
Kitty was shot by a street snap photographer (Kimoken) and he kindly offer to take a picture of the two of us as a souvenir. 


He also helped us to find Nude and Rude where I bought a cute necklace. 

@Nude'n'rude Koenji

Then, we went to Shibuya to meet Ayumi, Lunie and Dody. 
We went to a dancing bar and take a few drinks until an asshole came to try to ruin our night.
 The staff didn't really care about us so Dody throw my beer to his face and we leaved. 
The guy went freakin' to far.
 So after that, girls wanna have fun so we went to an arcade center to take purikura and play mario kart!! I'm so lame at video games ... I loose of course.
 I'm pretty lame at everything that look like a competition... 

It was the perfect day until I met another asshole so I decided to free my mind (and my body) with Dody and we went clubbing all night at Shibuya and had a fucking great dance sweaty booty shaking session. ah ah 

This week Kitty and I wanted to try an theme restaurant, so we had dinner at Alice in Wonderland cafe in Shinjuku. 
The food is pricy but I can't help it I just love cute athmosphere like that, the waitress were so cute and the decor was wonderful! 

After, we took purikura... and tadaaaa! Kawaii overload maid purikura 
Nyan Nyan!! 

Annnnd normal purikura which have pretty cool design features... 

And finally, yesterday we went dinner at Ebisu with Kim, Kitty, Eleonor and Hanae. The food was delicious, the decor was perfect and my heart nearly fell away from my body when I saw the one and only love of my life cross the restaurant to go in the VIP room. 
It's easy to guess who I met when you know my musical and men taste... 
I had a lot of fun with the girls and I ate camenbert rizzoto so ... yeah pretty much close to heaven.

Thank you for reading, 

Kisses from TKY
Nyan nyannnn 


  1. This theme restaurant looks so cute *-* I wanna be there!
    Oh and I do love the first picture of your post, you become more perfect everyday

    1. There is an even cuter one at Shibuya,
      when you'll come to tokyo I will bring you there. I want to see the stars on your eyes.
      Thank you babe